Autumn Blues

Blues In Warsaw


Ron Dobrovinsky and Sharon Guzman (Tel Aviv, Israel)

They have been teaching in Poland already, but never at a blues festival and never in Warsaw.

Ron and Sharon’s fun and challenging classes aim to create new insights in your dancing. Focusing on various elements of communication between partners, their classes will provide you with new ways to create more harmonic and inspiring dances. Their ability to simplify complicated concepts through a clear class buildup will provide you with practical ways for improvement. By creating fine and clear contrasts between different elements in the dance, they create a solid understanding and fast implementation of the material and inspire you with new ideas for further exploration. The fun atmosphere they create in their classes contributes to that as well.

With a rich background in martial arts, functional fitness and other dances, Ron has a deep insight about efficient usage of the body, which can help dancers to prevent injuries and create a better feeling in the dance.

Sharon, a saxophonist from an early age, also strives to teach her students to feel the dance, and constantly seeks to give personal feedback to her students and to help them individually.

Ron and Sharon teach regularly in Europe and also teach locally at Holy Lindy Land – Swing Dancing School, all over Israel. They also co-organize “Feelin’ Blues” Festival in Tel Aviv and “Desert Stomp” Festival at the heart of the Israeli Negev Desert.


Adamo Ciarallo and Vicci Moore

Adamo and Vicci started their blues dancing journey together in London, where they nurtured and grew the blues dance scene for three years before packing their bags and moving to Valencia, Spain. They continue to be actively involved in the London blues scene, running The Down and Outs blues performance troupe and managing Blues at The Ritzy, a buzzing monthly blues social in Brixton. They are also co-organizers of Espanish Blues Festival in Madrid.

Adamo and Vicci have an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, bringing intensity, elegance and musicality to the dance. Their passion for blues is evident in their inspiring classes, giving dynamic and energetic lessons with a focus on creativity, communication and connection within the partnership, developing a relationship with the music, and encouraging dancers to find their own blues voice.

Both trained teachers, Vicci and Adamo love to create new and intuitive ways to communicate technical concepts to their students. Their lessons are interactive and interdisciplinary involving drawing, discussions, giant elastic bands and even chopsticks!!!

They believe your body is a musical instrument and your dancing is the music you play, and will help you to discover the way your body moves in a whole new light. By watching them dance, or joining their classes you will learn to really ‘feel’ the blues!

Elective classes

Noemí Castell (Barcelona, Spain)

Noemí Castell Noemí is synonymous of research, innovation and continuous learning. She is a performer, choreographer and full time dance teacher since 2001.
Tireless traveler and organizer of one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Drag The Blues in Barcelona (Spain).
Her background technique is based in Bellydance, but she also has received training in Classical, Contemporary dance and numerous folklores around the world.
When Noemi discovered Blues Dancing in 2010, it immediately became her passion. She immersed herself in learning by attending numerous events in Europe and in the US.
In addition to teaching 9 weekly Blues classes (partnered and Solo) at Swingmaniacs, Noemi directs ‘The Blues Shakers’, the first Blues Dance Company in Spain, made of 22 dancers.
In addition, Noemí is a Yoga practicer and also an AcroYoga passionate.



Denis and Olga – fusion dancing

Denis and OlgaDancing to slow music which is not jazz or blues? What is the difference with blues dance? What are the nuances? What technics to use? Come and see!



Witek “Little Boogie Slim” Bielski and Sławek “HarpSlav” Nowodworski

At the “lecture” during the Autumn Blues Festival they are going to explain how and the blues was born, how it evolved and gave birth to other music genres, and they will enrich this all with sounds played live.

Witek “Little Boogie Slim” Bielski – multi-instrumentalist and blues singer. He began studying music when he was six. His first and main instrument is the piano. He holds a Master in Music degree from the University of Sussex, UK. In 2006, he met Antek “Kurson” Kurek, a harmonica player with whom he started a duo called Chicago Blues Revue (now: Bielski & Kurek). They have had regular gigs at Tygmont, a well-known jazz club in Warsaw, and took part in numerous festivals and competitions in the USA – International Blues Challenge – and Poland: Jesień z Bluesem, Lauba Pełno Bluesa, Jimiway Blues Festiwal, to name just a few. Witek was also invited to play with many artists from Poland and abroad, such as Howard Levy, Greg Zlap, Sebi Lee, Marek Wojtowicz andJ. J. Band.

Sławek “HarpSlav” Nowodworski – English translator by profession, harmonica player “by passion”. He learnt the secrets of this insignificant-looking instrument first on his own and then from Sławek Wierzcholski (leader of the legendary Polish blues band Nocna Zmiana Bluesa)and Bartosz Łęczycki, a world-class harmonica virtuoso, as well as at various blues workshops. In 2002, he won first prize at the Bydgoszcz Harmonica Meeting Festival. In a duo with Łukasz Jemioła, he appeared at various festivals such as Harmonica Bridge in Toruń or Chatka Blues Festival in Lublin. In 2006, he had a guest appearance at the concert of a French harmonica virtuoso – Jean Jacques Milteau – at the Lublin Philharmonic. In the years 2011-2012, he took part in Magda Piskorczyk Masterclass workshops conducted by a leading Polish blues-gospel singer in Poland and crowned with the recording of an album under the same title. HarpSlav’s harmonica can be heard in recordings of several artists such as Łukasz Jemioła or Ania Rusowicz. On Tuesdays, he regularly plays at Harenda Blues Session, a weekly meeting of the best blues musicians from Warsaw and other parts of the world.