Autumn Blues

Blues In Warsaw


Please read the descriptions carefully before registration.



This level is for you if:
You are at the beginning of or you would like to start your blues adventure.
If you’d like to work on the basics and expand your dance vocabulary, this group is for you.

New Orleans

Sign up for this group if:
you can dance to both fast and slow music, change rhythms easily, you participate regularly in local dances and have done some international workshops and/or festivals in the last few months. You are comfortable both in close embrace, hand-to-hand position and without any connection.


This level is for you if:
you own abilities described as compulsory for the New Orleans group, and as a regular participant of local and foreign festivals you look for new ideas and inspirations for your dance. You are mastering music interpretation, learn some styling,expand your dance vocabulary with new techniques and styles, since you have a solid technical base to do it.

St. Louis (Invitational)

This group is available only upon invitation.


IMPORTANT! The level of all dancers registered to the Chicago or New Orleans group will be checked during an obligatory audition which will take place on Friday before the classes. Please mind that you may be moved from one group to another.