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The Gentle Sorrows

The Gentle Sorrows If you’ve ever heard them playing at the beginning of the Slow Dance night in Herräng 2015 to Gaston Fernandez and Alba Mengual’s show or during ESBF 2015 in Spain, you’ll know why we invited these Swedish guys to Warsaw. They know the flavor that dancers-musicians have while playing for other blues dancers, you’ll know why they are a perfect choice for Autumn Blues 2016. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, big applause: Mattias Gustavsson (piano) and Kristin Ladström (voice) are our first festival band this year!

Meet The Gentle Sorrows!

“Sometimes, on a blues night in Gothenburg, Sweden, it happens that the DJ stops playing, but nobody wants to go home … That is when Mattias and Kristin take the stage to play some slow, intense, acoustic blues songs by candlelight, just before the night of dancing is over. They never decided to start a duo — they just started playing together, and didn’t stop. Mattias’ rhythmical, sensitive piano playing blends perfectly with Kristin’s smooth, rich vocals, and their repertoire consists of the classics of female blues as well as some newer favorites. Both of them being avid blues dancers themselves, you can be sure that their songs will get you in the mood to dance.”


The Lazy Dog Blues Band

The Lazy Dog Blues Band The band has been created specifically for blues dancers. Take an experienced swing band and add a blues guitarist/vocalist… Jazz blues, Delta blues, Rock blues, Electric blues, Chicago blues … everything is possible.

The Mark Shepherd Swing Quartet is joined by bluesman Marek Tymkoff to bring you live blues for dancing in styles from all corners of the blues world.

Trumphet and vocal – Mark Shepherd
Drums – Maciej Wojcieszuk
Guitar and vocal – Marek Tymkoff
Piano – Jarek Małys
Bass – Wojtek Zalewski



Dmitrij (Lithuania)

Dmitrij Ivanov “(…) as a blues DJ and a dance instructor my main motto is: “Blues varies”. Which means that I enjoy and play all kinds of blues, from Delta to Electro, from Jazzy to Roots. In my DJ career I have made a rule – all kinds of blues can be played. You just need to take the best song for the exact moment (…)”



Nadja (Germany)

Dmitrij Ivanov People usually say, that my sets are quite energetic, strong bassed, slightly uppushing and a bit dark 🙂

Basically I play uptown blues like female singers, chicago blues or bigband tunes, (momentarily i am more fascinated by new orleans sound or trance blues) but i like to push the bounderies for all those strong songs out there. In my opinion Blues is happening inside, so it can happen that suddenly you’ll find yourself dancing blues to songs of the 80’s/90’s or electronic fusion music…



Vicci and Adamo

Vicci and Adamo You may listen to them not only during the classes. We couldn’t make it without our crazy teachers… also as DJs!